Colin Powell: Biden Will Be “A President We Will All Be Proud to Salute”

Colin Powell showered praise on Joe Biden during his speech to the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday night. He particularly pointed to the foreign policy.

The former Secretary of State served under Republican President George W. Bush and wasn’t the only conservative to speak on Biden’s behalf. He highlighted the former Vice President’s values.

The values I learned growing up in the South Bronx and serving in uniform were the same values that Joe Biden’s parents instilled in him in Scranton, Pennsylvania,” Powell said.

“I support Joe Biden for the presidency of the United States because those values still define him, and we need to restore those values to the White House.”

Our country needs a commander in chief who takes care of our troops in the same way he would his own family.”

“For Joe Biden, that doesn’t need teaching. It comes from the experience he shares with millions of military families—sending his beloved son off to war and praying to God he would come home safe.”

Joe Biden will be a president we will all be proud to salute. With Joe Biden in the White House, you will never doubt that he will stand with our friends and stand up to our adversaries—never the other way around,” Powell went on.

“He will trust our diplomats and our intelligence community, not the flattery of dictators and despots. He will make it his job to know when anyone dares to threaten us.”

“He will stand up to our adversaries with strength and experience. They will know he means business.”

The presence of Republicans like Powell has not been uncontroversial, but the Biden campaign has included them in an attempt to portray the broad support the Democrat enjoys.

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