Rep. Ted Lieu: Mueller’s Team Didn’t Have the Guts to Nail Trump for a Felony

Ted Lieu has offered harsh criticism of the Mueller investigation following the publication of a Senate report into Russian interference during the 2020 election.

The Democratic Congressman took to Twitter to highlight what he described as a crime committed by the President. He also gave a scathing review of the Special Counsel’s probe.

Lieu was retweeting MSNBC analyst Matthew Miller, who wrote “Trump solicited, welcomed, and benefited from Russian interference” but investigators didn’t find enough evidence for criminal charges.

It’s a felony campaign finance violation to solicit a foreign power to help your campaign, especially when the foreign power weighed in on such a massive scale,” Lieu said.

“The Mueller team just didn’t have the guts to go there.”

Criticism of Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been rare from Democrats, while Republicans have attempted to paint his investigation as a “witch hunt” and even illegal.

However, the bipartisan Senate report presents the strongest evidence yet of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, which has raised serious questions about Mueller’s decision-making.

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