New Poll: Majority of Americans Are Embarrassed and “Very Angry” at the State of the Country

A majority of Americans feel embarrassment by the U.S. handling of the Coronavirus and most of them are very angry at the direction the country is heading.

Those are the findings of a new CNN poll released on Wednesday. In bad news for President Donald Trump, his approval rating on Coronavirus has hit a new record low.

Fifty-eight percent of Americans said they didn’t approve of Trump’s handling of the pandemic, while 55% said the worst of the Covid-19 outbreak is still to come.

CNN found that nearly 7 in 10 Americans are embarrassed by the country’s response to the Coronavirus, with a clear partisan divide on the issue. Some 93% of Democrats are embarrassed, though 61% Republicans are proud.

Another startling finding is the number of respondents who said they were “very angry” with the way the nation is headed. A slim majority – 51% – said they were very angry.

This may be a record high. According to the CNN report, the previous high points were 35% in 2008 and 2016, meaning the percentage is significantly higher this cycle.

An overwhelming majority of Americans – 8 in 10 – are “at least somewhat angry” with the direction the country is heading in, while 52% are not comfortable returning to life as usual.

President Trump has usually dismissed polls that look bad for him, but these numbers have been born out across numerous surveys throughout the pandemic.

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