Sherrod Brown Says Ohio Voters Will Make Trump Pay For Attacking Goodyear


Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) said that Ohio voters would make Trump pay for his attack on Goodyear and betrayal of American workers.

Sen. Brown said on CNN:

The president of the United States would attack, a pretty iconic company. Goodyear is known far and wide across the world. Started in Akron. It’s a terrific company employing union workers and it’s part of — in many ways, it’s just another attack, another betrayal of American workers by Trump. I mean, just 30 miles from Goodyear, 40 miles from Goodyear, Lordstown auto plant shut down. The president said don’t sell your homes. These jobs will come back.


And didn’t lift a finger when I asked the president to reopen that plan. He’s going to pay the price in Ohio because Ohio workers understand Joe Biden’s about work and Donald Trump is betraying workers consistently and this is another example.


A good or at least a rational politician would not attack a company in a critical swing state that employs 64,000 workers. Trump is putting his own ego and an endless need to fuel grievance and division ahead of American workers.

The manufacturing jobs that Trump promised never came back. It was all a lie. Trump has taken no serious steps toward rebuilding American manufacturing. As soon as he got into office, Trump forgot about America’s blue-collar workers.

Ohio voters aren’t going to forget this attack, but they aren’t the only ones who will make Trump pay at the ballot box.

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