Susan B. Anthony Museum Rejects Trump Pardon and Slams Voter Suppression

A museum devoted to women’s rights hero Susan B. Anthony has rejected a pardon from Donald Trump on her behalf, saying it would simply validate her conviction for voting.

The Susan B. Anthony Museum & House tweeted on Tuesday following the President’s announcement that he would pardon the long-dead Suffragette. 

On news of a presidential pardon for Susan B. Anthony on August 18, 2020: Objection! Mr. President, Susan B. Anthony must decline your offer of a pardon today!” the museum tweeted.

Anthony was convicted of voting illegally in 1872 and, as the museum pointed out, she considered her conviction invalid, refusing to pay the fine levied against her.

To pay would have been to validate the proceedings. To pardon Susan B. Anthony does the same,” they wrote.

The museum then took what appeared to be a swipe at Trump’s recent campaign against mail-in ballots. The President has repeatedly (and inconsistently) claimed they can’t be trusted.

If one wants to honor Susan B. Anthony today, a clear stance against any form of voter suppression would be welcome,” they wrote.

“Enforcement and expansion of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 would be celebrated.”

In a series of tweets, the Susan B. Anthony Museum also urged respect for human rights and the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

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