Trump Is Suing 3 Democratic Iowa Counties To Invalidate Absentee Ballot Requests

Trump is suing three Democratic strongholds in Iowa as part of his effort to get absentee ballot requests by voters invalidated.

The Des Moines Register reported:

President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign and Republican Party groups are suing a third Iowa county, seeking to invalidate thousands of absentee ballot request forms that have been returned by voters.

The lawsuit against Woodbury County’s top elections official, made public Monday, expands the GOP’s efforts to make it harder for voters and local officials to handle absentee ballot requests during the pandemic.

The Trump campaign and GOP groups filed identical lawsuits last week against elections officials in Linn and Johnson counties.

The counties sent absentee ballot requests to voters with their name, date of birth, and voting pin already filled in. Few voters in Iowa know their voting pin number, and the Secretary of State ordered that absentee ballot request be mailed blank in an apparent effort to suppress the number of valid absentee ballot requests.

Trump is also suing every election board in Pennsylvania to stop easier access to mail-in ballots.

The lawsuits, along with his USPS sabotage, make Trump’s plan clear. If he can’t suppress the vote at polling places, he is going to try to stop voters from voting by mail.

Trump hasn’t done well in court throughout his presidency, so the odds are that these mail-in voting lawsuits are likely to end in more Trump failure.

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