Joe Biden Shoots Down Trump’s Desperate Ploy To Move The Debates Up

Trump is getting desperate which is why he appealed to the Commission On Presidential debates to move the debates up, but Biden said no.

Here is the letter that Rudy Giuliani wrote to the commission:


The funniest part of Giuliani’s letter was the claim that Biden might not show up after the first debate, “Another growing concern is the possibility that former Vice President Biden’s handlers could decide after the first event that he has satisfied his public commitment to debate President Trump. This would be in keeping with their ongoing strategy of keeping Biden in his basement for as long as possible, dodging voters and the media, and avoiding the scrutiny and vetting that customarily comes with being a candidate for president.”

Trump is the candidate who has refused to leave the White House for more than one day a week because he can’t do rallies, but the Trump campaign is really going with Biden hiding in the basement when it was Trump who fled to the White House bunker to avoid protesters.

Trump wants the debates to move up, even though he is a terrible debater because he is worried that he will have already lost the election before the first debate is held.

The Biden campaign has refused to move the debates up, which is the worst possible news for Trump.

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