Trump Throws A Tantrum Over Democrats Holding Post Office Hearings During His Convention

Trump raged over the Senate and the House holding hearings into his USPS sabotage before and during his Republican convention.

Trump tweeted:

If the USPS sabotage is a “conspiracy theory, which by Trump’s admission it isn’t, why is the President so upset about the hearings being held before and during his convention?

Trump has seen the weeks of bad media coverage that his attack on the Postal Service has generated and he is worried that congressional hearings, especially the House hearing, are going to knock his convention out of the headlines.

His convention is already in jeopardy of not getting the same level of media attention as it did in 2016 due to the pandemic and the economic recession.

The novelty of Trump the attention-getting candidate has worn off. The hearings about Trump and Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s sabotage are urgent and they should not wait until after the Republican convention.

Trump knows the hearings are going to be bad for him, and there is nothing that the Republicans can do to stop them.

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