Lindsey Graham Accuses Obama of “Hateful Rhetoric” and Claims Trump Gets Results

Lindsey Graham claimed on Thursday that Barack Obama was peddling hate during his speech to the virtual Democratic National Convention. Obama’s speech has been widely praised.

The Republican Senator took to Twitter to make the accusation in what many saw as blatant hypocrisy. Graham has been a strong supporter of President Donald Trump, whose rhetoric is infamous.

What you saw last night from President Obama was a downward spiral – from ‘Hope’ to ‘Hate,'” Graham wrote.

I hope the American people will look at the results of President Donald Trump on their behalf and not listen to the hateful rhetoric of his predecessor,” he urged.

Critics were quick to pounce on the South Carolina senator, with MSNBC’s Joy Reid giving a brief summary of the President’s “results”.

Senator, those ‘results’ include 170,000 dead and 5 million infected with coronavirus, 30 million-plus unemployed Russian bounties on U.S. troops,” Reid tweeted.

“And indictments and/or convictions of multiple members of the president’s campaign & WH inner circle now including Steve Bannon?”

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