Lou Dobbs Says Bannon’s Arrest by USPS Agents was a Deep State Job

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon was arrested today on charges of mail fraud and money laundering. The indictment against Bannon came from the Southern District of New York and not the FBI.

Since the alleged crimes involved the mail, the arrest was made by the United States Postal Inspection Service. While many have not heard of them, they are not new. In fact, the Inspection Service is the oldest federal law enforcement agency and was formed by Benjamin Franklin.

Fox New host Lou Dobbs, however, is hearing none of that. The Trump-loving commentator claims that the deep state, “launched USPS agents to arrest Bannon.”

The host told his viewers,

“They’re called the US Postal Inspection Service. They had the authority to arrest Bannon and they did so. Now you might find this somewhat ironic. The contretemps between the Postal Service and the Trump administration. And somehow, the deep state launching agents of the US Postal Service to arrest Mr. Bannon.”

Dobbs continued, “Now we checked, if you’re surprised to hear the Postal Service has its own police force. There are 65 separate US federal law enforcement agencies. And 27 offices of inspector generals that can also make arrests and carry firearms. What in the world kind of a government have we created”

Watch a clip from Dobb’s show below, courtesy of Fox News: