‘Not Fair!’: Trump Throws Toddler Tantrum As DNC Shows Voters What America Can Be Without Him


Donald Trump threw a toddler-style tantrum on Thursday night as the Democratic National Convention kicked off its final night.

In a pair of tweets, he lashed out at mail-in ballots, saying it isn’t fair that the American people can vote by mail in the middle of a deadly pandemic.

“The Democrats are demanding Mail-In Ballots because the enthusiasm meter for Slow Joe Biden is the lowest in recorded history,” Trump said in his fact-free tweet.

“Not fair!” he added, channeling his inner third grader.


Trump can’t handle the spotlight being shined on anyone but himself

Throughout the course of the past week, Trump has made it increasingly obvious that, A. He’s watching the Democratic National Convention; and B. It’s driving him absolutely insane.

That was abundantly clear on Wednesday night as he tore into a real-time, all caps implosion in the middle of Barack Obama’s DNC speech. Trump lashed out at the former president, spewing the lie that his 2016 campaign was targeted by the Obama administration.

On Thursday, as Joe Biden prepares to accept the Democratic nomination for president, Trump is once again triggered, not only by having the spotlight taken from him, but because the American people are seeing what this country can be if they vote him out of office in November.

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