Republicans Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger Come Out Strongly Against QAnon

Very few people know what the Republican party will look like when Donald Trump is gone. At this point, few seem willing to protect the GOP and its rightward surge. This was on display earlier this week when the President disavowed conspiracy theorist group, QAnon.

Like most times Trump finds himself in a controversy, there were very few Republicans willing to speak out about the issue. Two GOP congresspeople, however, came out strongly agaisnt QAnon in a rebuke to Trump.

QAnon has come into the general political consciousness thanks to supporters of the movement winning Republican nomination races. Marjorie Greene, in Georgia’s 14th District, is likely to become America’s first QAnon supporting congressperson.

Adam Kinzinger, a lawmaker from Illinois, is regularly willing to rebut Trump. Tagging the President in his tweet, he wrote, “Here is a reminder of QAnon’s track record, this is the first ‘drop’ that shows all the ‘insider knowledge.’ Let’s be clear, Complete BS. Whoever wrote this does not “love our country” they seek to mislead and destroy it.”

Wyoming’s Liz Cheney, the Chair of the House Republican Conference, also came out against the movement today. The number 3 Republican in the House told Politico, “QAnon is dangerous lunacy that should have no place in American politics.”

Ben Sasse, no friend to Donald Trump, also criticized the group. The Nebraska senator directly criticized the president, “QAnon is nuts — and real leaders call conspiracy theories conspiracy theories.”