DeJoy Falsely Claims He Had No Idea That Mailboxes Were Being Removed

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is making false claims and suggestions that he had no idea that mailboxes and mail sorting machines were being removed.

DeJoy said during his Senate hearing testimony:

Over the — today, there is about 140,000 collection boxes out in the — in the Un States. Over the last ten years, about — it averages about 3,500 a year. So 35,000 of them have been removed and it’s a data driven method. I haven’t reviewed it, but every year they look at utilization of post boxes. They look at where they place new post boxes, where communities grow. So 35,000 over ten years. Since my arrival, we moved 700 post — collection boxes. Of which I had no idea that that was a process so I that was a process. When we found out — when I found out about it, we looked at what, you know, what the excitement it was creating so I decided to stop it. And we’ll pick it up after the election.

This is a normal process that’s been around for — since, you know, it’s been around 50 years and over the last ten years we’ve pulled back about 35,000. On the machines, the machines we are speaking about, again, mail volume is dropping. This is a process that I was unaware about. It’s been around for a couple of years now. We evaluate our machine capacity. These machines run about 35% utilization.

The mail volume is, you know, dropping very rapidly. Especially during the COVID crisis. And package volume is growing. And when I spoke with the team when this, too, became — got a lot of airplay, we really are moving these machines out to make room to process packages. We still have hundreds of these machines everywhere, and still not any kind of drain on capacity. And I repeat. Both the collection boxes and this machine close down, I was made aware when everybody else was made aware. It was not a critical issue, you know, within the postal service. This has been going on in every election year, and every year for that matter.


DeJoy is claiming cluelessness, but he is also refusing to bring mailboxes and mail sorting machines back. Even though mail service is slowing, DeJoy is claiming that this is business as usual. Evidence suggests otherwise, and Trump has vowed to slow down the mail to limit mail-in voting.

The Postmaster General, even though he denied it, has met with the President and Treasury Secretary. DeJoy is on a cover-up operation, and his answers are more than a little hard to believe given the statements of Donald Trump.

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