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Lincoln Project Mocks Trump’s “Presidential Pouting” About Goodyear Tires

The conservative Lincoln Project will mock Donald Trump’s calls to boycott Goodyear tires in a new ad aimed at voters in Ohio – a crucial swing state in this year’s election.

The Lincoln Project and Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT) have released a new ad accusing Trump of “presidential pouting” after he called on his supporters not to buy from Goodyear.

Watch the video:

The company is a major employer in 12 states, including the all important Ohio, which Trump won in 2016.

This week we’ve seen a parade of well-respected Republicans, including former Ohio Governor John Kasich, voice their support for Joe Biden,” said RVAT political director Tim Miller.

Meanwhile, the President’s attacking an American company that provides well-paying jobs.”

Lincoln Project co-founder Reed Galen suggested that the President’s “tantrum” was potentially endangering jobs in the state where Goodyear is a crucial employer.

Ohioans are already dealing with the rising unemployment caused by Trump’s failed response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” Galen said.

“The last thing they need is to suffer the economic aftershocks of a presidential temper tantrum.”

President Trump’s attack on Goodyear was prompted by the company’s policy which banned, among other things, MAGA attire for its employees.

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