Democrats Have Trump Freaked Out And Demanding A Blockbuster Convention

Trump is demanding that Republicans put on a blockbuster convention that will outshine the nearly universally praised Biden convention.

CNN reported:

Calling aides at all hours from Air Force One or the White House residence, Trump has conveyed last-minute ideas on venues or gimmicks and demanded progress reports on the speakers he wants during his nominating extravaganza, which he hopes will provide a boost to his poll numbers.


Inside the White House, Trump’s senior adviser Jared Kushner has taken a lead role in taking his father-in-law’s ideas and demands and attempting to make them reality. He’s been joined in those efforts by senior adviser Hope Hicks and members of the campaign team, including GOP party chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. Though Kushner wasn’t initially scheduled to speak at the convention like the other prominent members of the family, it’s now under consideration, a source familiar with the planning told CNN.

Trump’s insistence on doing things live combined with the lack of time that Republicans have had to prepare the convention is setting up a perfect storm for disaster to strike the GOP. Trump has no convention plan. He will not be able to beat the Democratic convention because his convention will lack both the star power and the cohesiveness that helped Democrats put on an event that was both entertaining and inspiring.

It is likely that Trump’s convention is going to be even more dark and negative that his 2016 convention in Cleveland. Donald Trump thinks that he is a master of television, but days before his convention, Republicans are scrambling, because Democrats put on a great event, and Trump has no idea how to match it.

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