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Ex-Official Busts Trump For Letting Lou Dobbs Run Homeland Security

Former DHS Chief of Staff Miles Taylor said the Lou Dobbs was referred to as the shadow chief of staff and Trump got his policies from the cable news host.

Taylor said on CNN:

This is really disheartening but there was a period of time where at first jokingly we would say that fox late-night host Lou Dobbs was the sort of shadow chief of staff of the Trump administration. Why did we say that? Because the president would call us and he would say and pardon my language, why the hell didn’t you watch Lou Dobb last night? You need to listen to Lou. What Lou says is what I want to do. So if Lou Dobbs peddled a conspiracy theory on late-night television or a claim about what should be done at the border or with some law enforcement operation the president wanted us to be tuning in every night.

My response to that was I don’t have any time to watch Lou Dobbs in the evening. You have us running a 250,000-person department and trying do guard against some of the most severe threats to the country and can’t watch Lou Dobbs but this happened on a regular basis.


Trump is a president who doesn’t read, doesn’t believe the US intelligence that he is briefed on, and tried to run the Department of Homeland Security by getting everyone to watch Lou Dobbs. The same Lou Dobbs who on Thursday claimed that Steve Bannon’s arrest was a deep state plot.

Lou Dobbs was running US homeland security policy while Donald Trump watched TV and tweeted.

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