Trump Suffers Massive Loss As Manhattan DA May Soon Have His Tax Returns

Trump lost a second decision in federal appeals court, which means that he will have to turn over his tax returns unless SCOTUS intervenes.

NBC News’s Tom Winter reported:

This is a huge defeat for Trump as a federal appeals court judge refused to grant him a stay of the Manhattan DA’s subpoena, which was then followed up by the full appeals court refusing to grant him a stay. Trump’s last gasp hope of keeping his tax returns out of the hands of criminal prosecutors is that the Supreme Court would intervene and grant him a stay.

The odds of the Supreme Court granting Trump a stay and voting to hear his appeal are slim because there is no conflicting legal rulings or unsettled law in the case. Trump has lost every single appeal of the Manhattan DA’s subpoena.

Trump is quickly running out of options. If he doesn’t get a stay from the Supreme Court, District Attorney Cy Vance has a window to enforce his subpoena and get Trump’s tax returns.

The case is a criminal investigation of Trump, so if the DA gets Trump’s tax returns, he and his kids could be facing felony criminal indictments before or shortly after the election.

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