Former Postal Regulator Says Trump Is Trying To Scare People Into Not Voting

Former Postal Service regulator Ruth Goldway said that Trump’s post office sabotage is all about spreading panic and scaring people into not voting.

Goldway said on MSNBC’s Velshi:

I think that’s just what the president wants you do. He wants you to be panicked, be concerned about voting by mail and then not vote at all since voting by mail is the safest option for us during the pandemic. And, in fact, the postal service has the capacity more than enough capacity to handle vote by mail if everyone voted. If everyone voted twice we have the capacity.

So I think people have to be calm and focus on what many of the senators did yesterday in the hearing, which was to get a commitment from the new PMG that first-class service will be provided to all election mail. This was a question that was raised by a letter that was circulated by the postal service to its offices and secretaries of state and local election officials in July that perhaps letter mail would not be treated that way and might take as long as 15 days. So, I believe that we made some progress yesterday in the hearings when DeJoy committed to handling all election mail as first-class mail, even if it’s not postage marked as first-class mail, and that there would be extra resources and policies in place to handle that mail, including people on the shop floor picking up last ballot and making sure it got into a truck to be delivered.


The Postal Service does have more than enough capacity to handle election mail. The question is will Trump and DeJoy allow the USPS to operate at full capacity?

Trump’s entire political career has been about fear, both his own and spreading it to others. Trump seeks to maintain power and control through fear, so the way to beat Trump is to not be afraid, make a plan, and vote.

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