Court Orders Trump To Pay Stormy Daniels’s Legal Fees

A court has ordered Trump must pay Stormy Daniels’s legal fees of $43,000, which were tied to the 2016 payoff agreement.

The New York Daily News reported:

Lawyers representing porn star Stormy Daniels posted a court ruling online indicating President Trump has been ordered to pay $43,000 in legal fees to their client, who has claimed in great detail that she had an affair with Trump in 2006 after his son Barron was born.


The ruling handed down Monday seems to award Daniels for lingering legal fees tied to a 2016 payoff agreement involving Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen, Trump and Daniels.

At the Republican convention, there will be lots of talk about how Trump is protecting the interests of evangelical Christians, all the while ignoring that he has a court judgment hanging over his head for legal fees related to cheating on his third wife.

Trump has had an awful week in court. He has lost everywhere, including turning over his tax returns to the Manhattan DA.

Decades of cheating, fraud, and criminality are finally catching up with Donald Trump. The $43,000 that he has to pay Stormy Daniels could end up being the least of his problems if DA starts handing ou criminal indictments to Trump and his kids.

A president who promised his supporters “so much winning” can’t seem to stop losing.

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