The RNC’s Laughable Speaker Lineup Is Basically Just A Trump Family Reunion

The list of marquee speakers at next week’s Republican National Convention has been revealed, and it’s just a hilarious mix of Trump family members and Vice President Mike Pence and his wife.

As MSNBC’s Alex Witt dryly noted on Saturday, “It is essentially members of the Trump family, the vice president and his wife.”


That sound you hear is Democrats laughing

The Democratic National Convention held this past week was, even by Fox News’ account, a massive success.

Not only did the main speakers – from Michelle and Barack Obama to Kamala Harris to Joe Biden – hit it out of the park, but the event painted a picture of a hopeful, diverse and inclusive America.

The DNC also had something Trump craves but will be almost entirely absent from his convention this coming week: star power.

From Julia Louis-Dreyfus and John Legend to Billie Eilish and Jennifer Hudson, there was no shortage of high-profile entertainers willing to go all in for the Biden campaign.

For Trump, meanwhile, the near-empty basket of so-called “stars” he can invite to his convention ranges from the MyPillow guy to Kid Rock to Scott Baio – hardly a who’s who of celebrities.

That sound you hear is Democrats laughing.

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