Trump Goes Ballistic As Droves Of Suburban Women Ditch Him For Joe Biden


Donald Trump threw a classic Twitter tantrum on Saturday morning, openly whining that suburban women are breaking for former Vice President Joe Biden with just over 70 days until the presidential election.

Instead of trying to win these voters back with a message of unity and substance – something this president is incapable of doing – Trump doubled down on racism and told suburban women that he we would stop low-income housing from spreading to the suburbs.

“Why would Suburban Women vote for Biden and the Democrats when Democrat run cities are now rampant with crime … which could easily spread to the suburbs, and they will reconstitute, on steroids, their low income suburbs plan!” Trump screeched.


Racist tantrums like this are why Trump is losing the suburbs

Donald Trump appears to be stunned that his constant race-baiting and chest thumping – all while he refuses to do his job – have sent suburban voters for the exits.

But tweets like this in which Trump leans in on bigotry are exactly the reason why he is losing these voters. One recent poll even shows Biden leading in battleground suburbs by more than 15 points.

This racism certainly works among his small, loyal base of supporters. What Trump doesn’t understand, though, is that the MAGA base isn’t America – far from it, in fact.

As Joe Biden said in his widely praised acceptance speech this week, “This is a great nation. And we are a good and decent people.”

That is why, as of right now, Donald Trump is losing this election.

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