Joe Biden Blows Up Trump’s Defund The Police Lie With Blunt Fact Check

Joe Biden destroyed one of Trump’s major talking points on defunding the police with a blunt and devastating fact check on ABC.

Transcript via ABC News:

MUIR: Mr. Vice President, I want to get your reaction. I want to get your reaction to something the president said just today. He was responding to your speech last night, he said the biggest part of last night’s speech is what Joe Biden didn’t talk about. He said he didn’t talk about law enforcement. He didn’t talk about bringing safety to our cities where we’re seeing violence, they have no clue. Your response?

BIDEN: My response is I did talk about what we have to do. And secondly, look, this is the guy who has a budget calling for cutting a half a billion dollars in local law enforcement from the federal government aid– from the federal government. He’s the one proposing cutting. I’m not proposing cutting the budget. I’m proposing that there be be basic fundamental transparent laws relating to police conduct that be national, but in the meantime we have to help the police departments, they need more help with psychologists, not for them, psychologists, sociologists, people who can get involved in making sure they can negotiate things that don’t require a policeman with a gun to deal with.


Biden casually devastated a main Trump talking point. Trump is trying to define Joe Biden as a “radical leftist,” or someone who is run by the radical left, but the real Joe Biden who showed up on televisions across America on Sunday night is somebody who supports the police, but wants the needless violence and death to stop.

Former Vice President Biden was correct. Trump has been trying to defund police departments for years as his presidential budgets have contained slashes in federal funding to the police in a bid to pay for his tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations.

There is only one candidate in this race who is trying to defund the police, and his name is Donald Trump.

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