Jared Kushner Busted Lying About Delay In Virus Test Results

Jared Kushner flat out lied when confronted with Bill Gates, saying that US coronavirus testing is worthless due to delays in getting results.

Fareed Zakaria said on CNN, “His whole point is — his whole point is those tests are worthless because you’re infectious for two to three days around when you have symptoms and if you get the test results four, five, six days later, which is the average for the United States, they’re essentially worthless.”

Kushner responded by lying, “The average is now down to 2.3 days.”

Zakaria corrected him, “That’s not true.”

Kushner then started making excuses, “The reality is testing is a strategic tool. Testing is not a panacea. If we’ve been utilizing the fast tests we have to protect the vulnerable, our fatality case is much less than anyone. If you look at excess mortality rate, we’re below Europe. Look, we also have a lot of considerations.”


The Trump administration is fighting a war against reality, and when they are confronted with the facts that things aren’t going so great on the pandemic, they begin to make excuses, like Kushner basically saying that pandemics are really hard and complicated.

Kushner got called out for the lie, and he just kept talking.

The reality is that a person is lucky if they get their results back in four to five days. In areas with outbreaks, it can still take eight days or longer to get a result.

The testing failure of the Trump administration is one of the main reasons why the US is the world leader in COVID infections, and Trump’s son in laws has no answers, just an endless stream of lies to the American people.

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