Nancy Pelosi Just Turned The Tables And Called Trump A Hoax

Speaker Pelosi called audio of Trump’s own sister calling him cruel heartbreaking but said that Trump is a hoax who lacks integrity.

Speaker Pelosi said on CNN’s State Of The Union, “Well, it’s heartbreaking to think that a family member of the President Of The United States would have that view of him. The president is calling everything a hoax. He’s called the virus a hoax for a while. He’s called the Russian interference in our election is a hoax, which is just a projection what he is, a hoax, and this is just further evidence of his lack of integrity, a hoax.”


Speaker Pelosi has not been pulling her punches over the weekend. On Saturday, she told America to ignore Trump and his voter suppression tactics. On Sunday, she used one of Trump’s favorite words against him.

Trump has been unmasked as an illegitimate pretender to the Oval Office. The mythology that Trump has spent his entire adult life building is collapsing. Donald Trump is a hoax, and his biggest act of fraud was fooling enough Americans to get close enough so that the Russians could help install him in the White House.

As the Republican convention unfolds, it should be viewed as the latest hoax being pulled by one of the all-time great American fraudsters.

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