Trump Falsely Suggests That Mail-In Voting Will Give You COVID


Trump tried to scare people into not voting by claiming that mail-in ballot dropboxes aren’t sanitized and can give you COVID.

Trump tweeted:


Mail-in ballot drop boxes are very safe. Trump’s FDA said that it might be possible to get COVID from touching a surface and then touching your face, this is not the primary method of virus transmission. Mail-in ballot drop boxes are exponentially safer that Trump’s preferred method of in-person same-day voting.

Trump clearly doesn’t want people to vote. He is spreading false health information to prevent people from voting by mail. His efforts to scare people into not using the Postal Service aren’t working, so he is attacking mail-in ballot dropoff.

Voting by mail is not going to spread COVID. The President is lying.

The one thing that voting by mail will do is make it much more likely that Donald Trump will be a one-term president.

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