Trump To Hold News Conference To Hype Non Breakthrough Virus Treatment

This story has been updated to reflect the plasma announcement.

After golfing, Trump tweeted that he is holding a Sunday news conference when he is expected to push an unproven virus treatment.

Trump tweeted:

What Trump will be pushing quite possibly along with Mike Lindell’s quack remedy is a convalescent plasma treatment that is not a breakthrough at all.

Eric Lipton of The New York Times suggested that Trump will by pushing My Pillow founder Mike Lindell’s unproven coronavirus cure:

Lindell already tried to push this on CNN and was called a snake oil salesman by Anderson Cooper:

Axios reported, “The experimental botanical extract, oleandrin, was promoted to Trump during an Oval Office meeting in July. It’s embraced by Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson and MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell, a big Trump backer, who recently took a financial stake in the company that develops the product.”

This is Trump’s big rollout for the Republican convention. Trump is going to announce another unproven quack coronavirus cure, as the Oval Office con man has fully bought into a con from the My Pillow founder.

Experts within the government are deeply disturbed that Trump has gone all-in on another quack remedy for the virus.

Trump is still searching for the magic miracle that will make the pandemic go away and he is going to use the presidential stage to push another fake and dangerous treatment to save his reelection campaign.

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