Twitter Flags Trump Tweet For Violating Election Integrity Rules


Twitter has flagged Trump’s tweet about ballot drop boxes causing COVID for violating their rules on civic and election integrity.

Trump claimed on Sunday morning that voting by mail and dropping off your ballot at a dropbox would increase the risk of contracting coronavirus because the boxes aren’t “COVID sanitized.”

Twitter responded by flagging Trump’s tweet as a violation of the platform’s rules:


One of the largest and least discussed differences between the 2016 election, and 2020 is that Trump is having a more difficult time injecting his lies and misinformation into mainstream political dialogue, because platforms like Twitter, and the news networks not named Fox News, are willing to flag, real-time fact check, and end his live airtime.

The Republican convention is going a significant challenge for these policies. Trump is going to use his two nightly hours of convention airtime to lie, misinform, deceive the American people.

Trump is struggling to damage the integrity of the election because the weight of the presidential platform carries with it a level of scrutiny that he has never faced.

Twitter is taking a stand and refusing to allow Trump to use their platform for lies and false information. Other media should follow their lead and flag the lies of Donald Trump.

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