DeJoy Loses His Temper And Admits He Won’t Put Mail Sorting Machines Back

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy lost his temper while being questioned and admitted that he will not be putting the mail sorting machines back.

DeJoy had this exchange with Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA):

DeJoy: First of all, I’d like to agree with you on the heroic efforts of our 650,000 employees across the nation and the history of the postal service for the 250-year history of serving the American public. I’m —

Lynch: Will you put the machines back?

DeJoy: I’m very proud to lead the organization. The rest of your accusations are actually —

Lynch: Will you put the —

DeJoy: They’re outrageous.

Lynch: Will you put the machines back?

DeJoy: No, I will not.

Lynch: You will not?

DeJoy: Will not.

Lynch: There you go.


DeJoy admitted that he has no intention of stopping his slowdown of the USPS. When Donald Trump accepted the Republican nomination on Monday, the first words out of his mouth were an attack on mail-in voting and the Postal Service.

Trump wants the mail disrupted to try to scare people into not voting by mail, and DeJoy, his mega-donor Postmaster General is carrying out his orders.

Internal Postal Service documents reveal that the mail disruption started when DeJoy took over. With prosecutors breathing down the necks of Trump and his kids in New York, it is obvious that the President is sabotaging the mail to try and stay in power.

DeJoy had to be pushed, but in a moment of rage, he admitted the truth when he refused to put the mail sorting machines back.

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