Eric Trump Takes The Fifth As New York AG Tightens Criminal Noose

Eric Trump, the president’s son, is taking the Fifth Amendment and refusing to be interviewed by the New York State Attorney General.

The Washington Post reported:

In the filing, signed by a deputy to Attorney General Letitia James, the attorney general’s office said it is investigating Trump’s use of “Statements of Financial Condition” — documents Trump sent to lenders, summarizing his assets and debts.

The filing asks a New York state judge to compel the Trump Organization to provide information it has been withholding from investigators — including a subpoena seeking an interview with the president’s son Eric.


The filing said that Eric Trump had been scheduled to be interviewed in the investigation in late July, but abruptly canceled that interview. The filing says that Eric Trump is now refusing to be interviewed, with Eric Trump’s lawyers saying “we cannot allow the requested interview to go forward … pursuant to those rights afforded to every individual under the Constitution.”

Eric Trump is an official in the Trump Organization. The most recent filing from the New York State Attorney General, which is a different investigation from the one being conducted by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance is proof that there is a very real possibility that Trump and his kids could soon be facing criminal charges for bank fraud.

Trump lost multiple court decisions last week in his bid to keep his tax returns out of the hands of prosecutors. The walls are closing in on the Trump family, as what appears to be a business built on decades of fraud could land multiple members of the Trump family in prison.

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