Fox News Cuts Away From The RNC Almost Immediately After It Starts

The Republican National Convention kicked off on Monday night with a speech from Turning Point USA Founder Charlie Kirk, and Fox News cut away almost immediately.

As Aaron Rupar of Vox pointed out, “Fox News cut away from the RNC as soon as Charlie Kirk started talking.”


Brad Parscale, who was recently demoted by the Trump campaign, even took to Twitter to complain that he had to watch the RNC on CNN.

The Republican Party has no one left

Charlie Kirk – Charlie who? – kicking off the Republican National Convention pretty much says it all about the current state of the Republican Party.

But the sad reality for the GOP is that the other speakers at the RNC aren’t any better, from Matt Gaetz to Jim Jordan to Trump’s corrupt children.

As this convention continues to elevate the most extreme and dangerous voices in the Republican Party, it won’t just be cable news networks cutting away.

The American people will be changing the channel, too.

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