Democrats Immediately Blow Up DeJoy’s Lies At House Post Office Hearing

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) confronted Postmaster General Louis DeJoy with an internal document showing the delays began when he took over.

Maloney said, “But then after Mr. Dejoy’s testimony in the Senate, we obtained an internal Postal Service document entitled PMG Briefing. This is a presentation prepared directly for the postmaster general. It is dated almost two weeks ago, August 12th. According to this document, these delays are not just a dip. This document warns the postmaster general of significant and widespread drops across the board. And first-class marketing, periodicals, and other categories. This document shows that these delays are not a myth, or conspiracy theory, as some of my colleagues have argued. These steep declines did not start in April or may when the Corona crisis hit us, but in July, when Mr. Dejoy came on board and began making his changes.”


The House hearing isn’t going to be like the whitewash in the Senate. There is no Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) in charge of this hearing who will allow DeJoy while trying to gaslight the nation into believing that everything is running fine at the Postal Service.

House Democrats came to this hearing ready for DeJoy, and they are proving once again why the Democratically controlled House is so vital and valuable to the American people.

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