Jim Jordan Collapses Into Gibberish And Yells Chaos During Post Office Hearing

Rep. Jim Jordan couldn’t defend the mail slowdown so he yelled gibberish about Democrats trying to sow chaos because Trump is going to win.

Jordan said:

The facts are not close to what they’ve been saying for the last three weeks and Saturday on the House floor. This is — we know what this is about. We all know what this is about. This is about these guys wanting chaos and confusion because they know on election night President Trump is going to win and election day the vote count President Trump’s going to win and they want to keep counting, six weeks, four weeks, Iowa caucus, whenever, I don’t know when they decided that and I don’t know if it was Bernie or Biden or whoever was running then. That’s what they want.

And they’re willing to go after a guy like you who has served our country, community, helps kids with education, amazing record in business and go after you and been on the job 70 days and everything you testified is nothing new, same thing’s been done by other postmaster generals and yet they come after you because that’s how much they want to get this president. It’s disgusting. We all know what’s going on and the fact you know it, too. You won’t say it. I think that shows your character, as well. I’ll say it because it’s the truth and American people see it and see through it.


Rep. Jordan believes that yelling his partisan nonsense gives it credibility. Jordan told a bizarro universe tale that is the opposite of what is happening. Trump has been trying to discredit and discourage mail-in voting. It is Trump who is claiming that the election is going to be rigged against him.

Notice that Jordan suggested that the only vote that should count is the election day vote count. The implication is that any votes counted after election day should not count.

Trump along with Russia and Wikileaks won in 2016 by sowing chaos and confusion. They are trying to do it again in 2020. Jordan can’t defend Trump, so he is projecting Trump’s plan on to Democrats.

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