Watch Rep. Katie Porter Expose And Humiliate Louis DeJoy

Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) dissected Louis DeJoy and got him to admit that he knows nothing about the operations of the USPS.

The exchange:


Rep. Porter has proven herself to be an expert at questioning witnesses, but her questioning of DeJoy was on a different level. She exposed DeJoy as a man who knows little about the operations of the Postal Service, and even worse, he doesn’t care.

DeJoy has seen his arrogance and lies stripped away through a series of unrelenting questions. The Postmaster General has even lost his temper and admitted that he has no intention of putting mail sorting machines back into post offices.

Rep. Porter is showing the nation what congressional oversight is supposed to look like. Without a Republican majority to protect him, DeJoy has been exposed as a partisan hack who knows nothing about the USPS, but was given the job of Postmaster General to do Trump’s bidding.

Porter’s questioning was not only vital to the Postal Service issue, but it also reaffirmed the importance and power of our governmental system of checks and balances.

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