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New Poll Shows Scranton Loves Joe Biden but Queens Is Ashamed of Trump

Joe Biden’s hometown is overwhelmingly proud of him but the same is not the case with Donald Trump’s native Queens. A new poll shows the contrast between the candidate’s birthplaces.

The former Vice President was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania and lived there until he was 10-years-old and President Trumps’ campaign has tried to suggest he abandoned his birthplace.

Public Policy Polling (PPP) decided to find out what people think of Biden in Scranton, and the results were undeniably positive.

Scranton is very proud to have Joe Biden as a native son. 62% say they’re proud that Biden is from Scranton, to just 20% who say they’re ashamed of that fact,” PPP reports.

The polling outlet also asked people in Queens, New York City what they felt about Trump. Their responses were overwhelmingly negative, as PPP outlined on Monday.

Queens feels a little different when it comes to being where Donald Trump hails from. 70% of voters say they are ashamed of Trump being from there, to only 17% who say they are proud,” PP said.

Voters where Trump comes from do not feel like he cares about them- only 16% think he cares about people in Queens, to 77% who don’t think he does.”

“People in Scranton don’t think Trump cares about them either- only 27% think he cares about people in Scranton to 67% who don’t think he does.”

However, clear majorities in Scranton and Queens feel that Biden cares aboutthem. Most people in Scranton also don’t feel “abandoned” by Biden, who spent most of his career as a Delaware senator.

The novel polling comes as the Trump campaign appears to be making a play for New York, to the delight of Democrats.

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