Biden Campaign Calls The RNC An ‘Incoherent Charade’ That Borders On ‘Self Parody’

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign issued a blistering takedown of the Republican National Convention on Tuesday, calling the event an “incoherent charade” that lacks a substantive agenda for the American people.

“Last night’s incoherent charade was sad, underwhelming, and devoid of vision to the point that it bordered on self parody,” the Democratic nominee’s campaign said, according to NBC News.

Team Biden’s response comes after night one of the RNC was widely panned for its endless stream of lies and nauseating worship of Donald Trump, the most corrupt and dangerous president in American history.

Trump’s convention was also a ratings flop. As PoliticusUSA’s Jason Easley pointed out on Tuesday, 3.2 million more Americans tuned into night one of the Democratic National Convention than the opening night of the RNC.

A cult gathering, not a political convention

Last week, the Democrats used their convention to put forward a vision that deals with the crises currently wreaking havoc all across the country, from the coronavirus pandemic and economic collapse to racial injustice and climate change.

It painted a picture of the type of person Joe Biden is – a decent family man who has devoted decades to public service – and the leader he would be if the American people elect him in November.

The DNC also sought to appeal to all Americans, Democrat and Republican, not just those who already support Biden.

The Republican National Convention has been far different, painting a dystopian picture of America and throwing fact-free red meat to the MAGA mob.

So far, the RNC has been a cult gathering, not a political convention. It’s no wonder the American people appear to be turning away from it.

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