Former Government Ethics Chief Describes Republican Convention Speeches As Fascist “Grunts and Yells”

A former Director of the Office of Government Ethics has issued a stark warning about what he described as “Fascist” language at this week’s Republican National Convention.

Walter Shaub took to Twitter on Tuesday that explain why fact checking the RNC would not be effective in tackling the speakers’ visceral appeal to certain sections of the public.

Fact checking won’t work,” Shaub said. “Akin to a tonal language, Fascist is about sounds, not words. I say akin because the key is the grunts and yells, not tones.”

“It’s a gruntyell language that seeks to stir emotions, not thoughts. The problem with fact checks is they don’t address emotions.”

Theoretically, the speaker could come out and hum the tune to In the Hall of the Mountain King, and the audience would go nuts. Technically, that wouldn’t work because humming can’t produce the necessary harshness. But you could try a scat rendition of Ride of the Valkyries,” he quipped.

Shaub warned, however, that the rhetoric at the RNC could be effective in some quarters.

They lie, yell & look ridiculous,” he said.

“But they’re reaching angry people who burn with hate. Mocking the absurdist performances may sap some of their power to reach folks at the edge. But do not equate their stupidity or buffoonery with weakness.”

“The hate sells; the rage moves masses.”

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