Melania Trump Sounded Like A Hostage In Convention Speech Disaster

With her husband creepily peering at her, Melania Trump read the words of her script with the passion of a hostage reading propaganda.

This was not a good look:

Melania Trump claimed that her husband won’t rest until there is a coronavirus vaccine:

First Lady Trump dutifully read her speech as if it happened to someone else. She had zero passion, emotion, or connection with what she was reading. It was clear that the words in the speech were not her feelings.

The speech itself was a pile of empty words with no emotion in them.

Her remarks could have been read by Alexa and it would have more authenticity,

The Republican convention has been a trainwreck. Melania Trump isn’t the new Jackie Kennedy unless Jackie Kennedy had a lobotomy and her soul was completely dead.

Trump was obviously trying to use his wife to match Michelle Obama’s powerful Democratic speech, but Melania Trump gave one of the worst speeches by a first lady in the television era history of political conventions.

The speech was contrived and boring.

The Trumps are being forced to hold a convention where they can’t hide behind a ravenous crowd, and their inauthenticity is on display for the entire nation to see.

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