First Lady’s Spokesperson Doesn’t Deny That Melania Trashed Donald And Ivanka Trump

Melania Trump’s Chief Of Staff Stephanie Grisham didn’t deny that the First Lady made disparaging remarks about Donald Trump and his kids.

Grisham reacted to reports that Melania Trump was taped trashing the Trumps, “I have never heard Mrs. Trump say anything disparaging about the family. They’re a close knit family. She talked about them many times publicly. I heard a little bit about this book. I don’t know much about it. It sounds like it is another one of those books that unfortunately people are writing and, you know, if there were any recordings taken, it is really unfortunate to take advantage of somebody’s trust like that while being a friend, but I don’t know much about the book. We’re focused on the work we’re doing.”


The idea that the Trumps are a close knit family is outweighed by a mountain of evidence, such as reports that Melania Trump had to be paid off in order to get her to leave New York and move to the White House. The years of reporting about the tensions that exist between Melania and Ivanka Trump.

Greed and money are the only things holding the Trumps together, and when prosecutors come for the money, no one will be surprised when it all falls apart.

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