Mike Pence Shows Why Kamala Harris Will Wipe The Floor With Him

Pence gave a dull acceptance speech full of the usual sucking up to Trump and lies that define the VP as a speedbump for Kamala Harris.

When he wasn’t talking about what an honest guy who keeps his word Trump is, Pence claimed that Democrats attacked America when they attacked Trump:

Pence promised a coronavirus miracle:

Pence made time to talk about potential Hurricane Laura victims, but never mentioned police shooting victim Jacob Blake:

Pence didn’t talk about the number of Americans who have needlessly died in the pandemic but instead made it sound like things are going great. Pence tried to sell Trump, who is begging foreign governments for election interference, as a defender of America.

Vice President Pence’s biggest problem besides being a terminal bore is that Trumpism is a failure. No matter how Pence tried to spin it, Trump’s accomplishments look small compared to the pandemic, economic collapse, and systemic racism issues confronting the nation.

By talking about the issues that really matter to Americans, Kamala Harris will cut through Mike Pence like a hot knife through butter.

The Trump campaign fears Kamala Harris, and Mike Pence’s lackluster speech showed exactly why they are so scared.

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