Melania Trump Flops Big As Biden Draws More Broadcast Viewers On Night 2

The broadcast ratings are in for night two of the Republican convention, and Melania Trump drew fewer viewers than Jill Biden.

Via TV Insider, “For Night 2 of the 2020 Republican National Convention, NBC came out ahead with 2.4 million viewers with ABC coming in second with 1.7 million and CBS in third with 1.3 million. Compared to last Tuesday’s Democratic National Convention coverage, NBC actually rose a notch from 2.3 million but CBS dropped from 2.0 million and ABC dipped a tic from 1.8 million. The RNC continues through Thursday night.”

For those keeping score, that’s 6.1 million viewers for Jill Biden’s speech and 5.4 million for Melania Trump. The Trump campaign was hoping that Melania Trump and her detached out of body experience reading of a prepared text would boost the ratings for Trump’s “blockbuster” convention, but does not appear to have happened.

The RNC ratings appear to be holding steady from night one, and lagging behind last week’s superior both in production and quality of speakers Democratic convention.

Republicans will show up to vote in the election, but there doesn’t seem to be much of an audience for the Trumps outside of the Republican Party. The “real Americans” in the country are tuning out in droves for Trump’s convention.

The Republican convention is a microcosm for the Trump presidency in that it just isn’t working, as more and more people are not being fooled by the tricks, gimmicks, and distractions.

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