Kamala Harris Eviscerates Trump For Being A Scared Failed President

Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris obliterated Donald Trump in a speech where she painted him as a selfish, scared, failed president.

Harris called Trump’s convention a reality free ego soothing exercise:

Sen. Harris said, “Unlike the Democratic convention which was very clear-eyed about the challenges we’re facing and how we’ll tackle them, the Republican convention is designed for one purpose — to soothe Donald Trump’s ego, to make him feel good. Here’s the thing, he’s the president of the United States and it’s not supposed to be about him. It’s supposed to be about the health and the safety and the well-being of the American people. On that measure, Donald Trump has failed.”

Harris called out Trump for freezing on the pandemic:

Harris said, “Donald Trump stood idly by and, folks, it was a deadly decision. Instead of rising to meet the most difficult moment of his presidency, Donald Trump froze. He was scared and he was petty and vindictive.”

The Democratic VP candidate simply summed it up, “Donald Trump failed to protect America:”

The Republican convention has avoided systemic racism, the Jacob Blake shooting, and the pandemic. Instead, the RNC has been a fairytale land where Trump is a great president, and everything is fine.

Kamala Harris brought a reality hammer to her speech and smashed all the Republican fantasies of the previous three days.

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