Mary Trump Says Law Enforcement Has All The Documents They Need To Indict Trump

Mary Trump said that she hadn’t been asked for more documents by prosecutors, which suggests they already have what they need to take down Trump.

Mary Trump answered when Rachel Maddow asked if she has been asked for more documents, “I haven’t, which I find interesting. And the only conclusion I can draw from that is they don’t need my documents. You know, they probably have plenty of others. And I think the brilliant investigative work that was done by “The New York Times” team in that extraordinary article probably laid the foundation for a lot of these investigations because I think it’s extraordinarily unlikely that that behavior ceased in 2004.”


The reason why the nation is likely to see an even more unhinged than usual Trump at his acceptance speech is that law enforcement is closing in on him. Eric Trump took the Fifth on the New York State Attorney General bank fraud investigation into the family business, and it is becoming clear that if Donald Trump loses the election, criminal indictments will be coming for the Trump family from the city and state of New York.

Mary Trump was correct. Donald Trump has been cheating the financial system and committing fraud for decades. The fraud didn’t stop in 2004, and the arrest and conviction of Michael Cohen likely mean that law enforcement has everything they need to indict the Trump family.

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