Mitch McConnell Unloads A Garbage Truck Of Lies During Propaganda-Laced RNC Speech

Mitch McConnell is about as inspiring as a wet piece of cardboard, but he sure knows how to spew propaganda in an attempt to maintain his party’s grip on power.

That was on full display Thursday night at the Republican National Convention, as McConnell unloaded a garbage truck of lies about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

During his pre-taped speech, the Senate leader accused the Democratic ticket of wanting to tell the American people what cars they can drive or how many burgers they can consume.

“They prefer that all of us in flyover country keep quiet and let them decide how we should live our lives,” he said with a straight face and a monotone voice.


McConnell said:

Today’s Democrat Party doesn’t want to improve life for middle America. They prefer that all of us in flyover country keep quiet and let them decide how we should live our lives. They want to tell you when you can go to work, when your kids can go to school. They want to tax your job out of existence and then send you a government check for unemployment. They want to tell you what kind of car you can drive, what sources of information are credible and even how many hamburgers you can eat. They want to defund the police and take away your Second Amendment rights. They want free healthcare for illegal immigrants. yet they offer no protection at all for unborn Americans. They want to pack the Supreme Court with liberals intent on eroding our constitutional rights. And they want to codify all this by making the swamp itself, Washington D.C., America’s 51st state. With two more liberal senators, we cannot undo the damage they’ve done. Now you understand why Democrats spent an entire week telling us about who Joe Biden is, not what he intends to do. I am immensely proud of the work the Republican Senate has done. We are the firewall against Nancy Pelosi’s agenda. Like President Trump, we won’t be bullied by a liberal media intent on destroying America’s institutions. We will stand our posts on behalf of the millions of Americans whose stories aren’t told in today’s newspaper, whose struggles are just a real. We’ll continue to support American families as we defeat the coronavirus and return our economy to the envy of the world. The stakes have never been higher which is why I am asking you to support Republican Senate candidates across the country and reelect my friend, President Donald Trump.

The RNC has been one massive insult to voter intelligence

Throughout this week, speakers at the Republican National Convention – particularly those with Trump in their name – have been spinning one lie after the next.

They are inventing a fictitious version of America they say will exist under Joe Biden, while hoping you forget about the hellscape that has unfolded under the failed leadership of the current president.

Mitch McConnell got in on the action Thursday night by bowing down to Donald Trump and insulting the intelligence of the American people.

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