Republican Campaign Chair: “There’s No Doubt” GOP Will Control the Senate

The director of Republicans’ Senate campaign has claimed his party will retain control of the chamber despite polls showing many key GOP members are vulnerable this November.

Kevin McLaughlin is National Republican Senatorial Committee Executive Director. He told Politico on Wednesday that the GOP would keep the Senate this fall.

There’s no doubt that Republicans will control the Senate,” McLaughlin said.

He painted a rosier scenario than many pollsters are predicting. Unlike in 2018, there are many vulnerable Republican incumbents providing opportunities for Democrats to take the upper chamber.

My internal data’s a lot different, and it shows that all these races at the very least are jump balls, at the very least, which given all the atmospherics, I’ll take it every day of the week and twice on Sunday,” McLaughlin said.

“I feel really, really strong about our starting position going into the final stretch,” he said. “I feel strong about where we sit and where we’re going.”

“If I was sitting in a chair at the other place right now, I wouldn’t feel very good about that. They’re not going to go four-for-four in those states,” he said, adding that he knew how to beat several of the Democrats running to unseat Republicans.

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