The Daily Show Trolls Trump With Newspaper Ads Aimed at a “Soon-to-Be ex-President”

The Daily Show has taken out full-page ads in major newspapers aimed at Donald Trump and mocking him for his potential legal troubles if he loses the November election.

The comedy current affairs show, hosted by Trevor Noah, paid for ads in Thursday’s New York Times, Washington Post and  Los Angeles Times at what was likely considerable expense.

The ads show Noah and the Daily Show correspondents posing in a parody of advertising for law firms.

Are you a soon-to-be ex-president?” the ad asks.

“About to lose legal immunity? Has your lawyer gone to jail? Call the very fine people on YOUR side.”

The mock law firm is billed as “Trevor Noah & Associates & Sons presidential attorneys” and claimed to be able to defend people against a variety of issues, including “mega-corruption” and “shady rich guy tax stuff.”

Noah highlighted the ads on Twitter, saying “Hey Donald Trump! Take a break from Fox & Friends and give us a call!”

The phone number listed in the ad mocks the person who phones if they identified themselves as the President but otherwise directs to a website to register to vote.

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