The RNC Is Completely Abandoning Social Distancing Rules For Trump’s Acceptance Speech

Donald Trump will deliver his acceptance speech on the final night of the Republican National Convention on Thursday, and he’ll be doing it in front of a crowd of supporters who will be sitting “shoulder to shoulder.”

As CNN’s Jim Acosta pointed out on Twitter, not only is Trump’s speech blowing off social distancing rules, but only those closest to the president will be getting tested for coronavirus.

“Trump supporters will be sitting shoulder to shoulder tonight for his speech,” Acosta reported. “WH says those in close proximity to Trump will be tested. But many will not be tested.”

Acosta also noted that the Coronavirus Task Force was “not consulted about convention plans for President Trump’s speech tonight on the White House South Lawn.”

As Tim Miller of Republican Voters Against Trump said on Twitter, “This is some un-American shit right here.”

Trump doesn’t care about anyone but himself

The fact that the president is abandoning social distancing guidelines in order to deliver his acceptance speech on Thursday only confirms what the country has known for a long time: Donald Trump doesn’t give a damn about anybody but himself.

He’s happy to test those who will be standing close to him so he doesn’t get the virus, but it doesn’t even cross his self-consumed mind that one of the hundreds of supporters sitting shoulder to shoulder might catch or spread it.

What is happening on Thursday night at the White House isn’t just an abuse of the presidency, but it has the potential to be a deadly superspreader event.

It should be noted that one person who will not be in attendance at Donald Trump’s acceptance speech is Herman Cain.

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