Biden Wins GOP Convention After Weak And Listless Trump Speech

Trump’s Republican nomination acceptance speech laid out no vision, and dodged the real issues, as Trump sounded tired and lifeless.

Trump tried to take credit for the reduced death toll of Hurricane Laura:

Trump claimed that his border wall is almost done when it has barely started:

Trump lied and claimed that he passed VA Choice, which Obama passed:

As Trump crashes the economy with a recession and a pandemic, he claims that Biden will kill jobs:

The speech was shocking for how dull and boring it was.

Trump laid out no vision for the future and tried to lay out a list of accomplishments that weren’t really accomplishments.

The speech was a greatest hits collection of Trump’s lies, but what was missing from the speech that Trump had in 2016 was energy.

When Trump tried to attack Biden, it was passionless and did not land:

Trump even tried to claim that Biden is trojan horse for socialism:

Trump couldn’t define Biden. He couldn’t settle on whether the speech was a list of accomplishments, a fear campaign, or an attack on Joe Biden, but one common of the entire speech was the lack of intensity.

Republicans were hoping that Trump would find his energy and get inspired by the campaign once he had an opponent, but Trump sounded detached and disinterested.

Trump sounds beaten, and his speech, where the campaign had to trot out guest stars to get him through the address, made it clear that the real winner at the Republican convention was Joe Biden.

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Trump gives lifeless Republican acceptance speech
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