Biden Campaign Buys “Keep America Great” Domain Name, Uses It to Criticize Trump

Donald Trump’s slogan for his 2020 reelection campaign is “Keep America Great,” as evidenced by the President’s own comments and campaign merchandise. However, the Trump team overlooked one aspect of the slogan: an internet domain name.

In what appears to be an embarrassing oversight, the President’s campaign did not purchase The Biden campaign recently noticed this and bought the domain name.

Now, features a litany of criticism aimed at the President, broken down by policy area and asks visitors to submit their email so they can “stay up to date with President Trump’s failures.”

Promises Made, Promises Kept Broken” the homepage says, with the word “kept” struck through. 

Trump isn’t looking for a second term – he’s looking for a do-over,” the website says.

“Here’s how Trump’s record stacks up against the promises he made to the American people.”

Among other charges, the site, which clearly identifies itself as a product of the Biden/Harris campaign, highlights the President’s approach to the Coronavirus pandemic.

President Trump’s tenure has been defined by insufficient wage increases for working families, massive federal tax cuts for the wealthiest and well-connected and giant corporations, and now millions of lost jobs and livelihoods due to his botched handling of COVID-19,” it says.

Failing to secure the “Keep America Great” domain name may be seen by some critics as indicative of the Trump campaign’s organizational skill.

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