GOP Senator Says He Regrets Not Wearing a Mask During RNC

Senator Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) says he regrets not wearing a mask to protect himself from contracting the novel coronavirus during the Republican National Convention (RNC). Tillis, who has been vocal about the need to wear face coverings, says he “fell short” by not setting an example and wearing one.

“I’ve stressed the importance of mask wearing throughout this pandemic and have tried to lead by example on this issue, but last night I fell short of my own standard,” Tillis said.

Democratic Party spokesperson Robert Howard criticized Tillis.

“When it comes time to choose between his political career and his principles, Tillis chose what’s best for himself,” Howard said. “Sen. Tillis criticizing others while not following his own words is a perfect encapsulation of why North Carolinians don’t trust Tillis, and why he’ll be out of office this fall.”

Tillis also received heavy criticism from Cal Cunningham, the Senate candidate running to replace him in the upcoming election. In a tweet, Cunningham said Tillis’s actions show “he’s a follower, not a leader.”

“I can accept responsibility for my actions,” Tillis responded afterward, taking Cunningham to task for increasing taxes while a member of the Senate in 2001.

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