New Biden Ad Accuses Trump of Cancelling the Sports Season

The Biden campaign is hoping to highlight the effect Coronavirus has had on sports in new ads aimed at blaming Donald Trump for ongoing disruptions to ordinary life.

The former Vice President’s campaign is launching a YouTube mast takeover, according to a press release seen by PoliticusUSA. A new ad, entitled Anthem, will showcase empty stadiums.

Biden’s campaign says it’s “casting light on the harsh reality Republicans swept under the rug during their convention: empty stadiums, deserted classrooms, and closed businesses. “

Watch the video:

Anthem will air in swing states Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and hopes to show “the realities Trump’s mismanagement of the public health and economic crisis have posed for our country.”

The ad underscores that even as the ongoing pandemic and economic crisis sweeps the nation, Donald Trump and Republicans pretended that his administration’s failed leadership haven’t upended the everyday lives of working Americans and their families,” the campaign says.

The ad itself says Trump “put America on the sidelines” and urges voters to “get back in the game”.

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